Willem Boogman


Ihr Tore (complete)

Unfortunately Lunatree, that multifaceted and inspiring ensemble, stops. The intention and commitment of the founders, Anthony Fiumara and Arnold Marinissen, appealed to me very much. At the farewell concert Lunatree plays, among other things, my composition Ihr Tore. Modulationes super Cantatam BWV 193 : a completed and ›modulated‹ cantata by Bach that I wrote especially for the ensemble (for soprano, alto, violin, cello, clarinet, piano, percussion and drones).

December 8, 2018 | 20:15 Concertzaal Willem Twee, Den Bosch. See also concerts & for more information about the music: Ihr Tore.

The Road To Here

The Road To Here will be premiered by Ottoni Quartet and organist Wybe Kooijmans
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Ottoni jubileumtour

The Road To Here (2018) for brass quartet and organ was commissioned by the Ottoni Quartet on the occasion of their 25th anniversary, with financial support by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Orgelpark Amsterdam and the Ottoni Quartet. Read more about The Road To Here

Review Passacaglia for flute

Rachel Shirley in: Pan, The Journal of the British Flute Society, November 2017:

›This Passacaglia for solo flute, written in 2015, is a set of seven variations on an original theme. It is an intriguing, melancholy melody, starting so quietly the part is marked to play »to yourself«. The whole piece requires great control over dynamics – often alternating between a loud low register and quiet high register in the variations – to bring out the different ›voices‹ in the variations, »as if there were more players«. Boogman has drawn inspiration from J.S. Bach and this is evident in the way he develops the material through the variations, before slowing and fading back into the theme to end. A thoughtful short piece which would work well alongside Baroque repertoire, showing some of the same techniques in a contemporary context.‹