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Anthony Mertens

De Dag Daagt

the hours 19-23
Twilight: a liminal stage

The part of the cycle ›Day Daily‹ that was composed first was the midnight music Nous le chant I & II (2009).
Then the five hours of the evening
Day Daily – The Hours 19-23 were completed and performed in November 2009. I couldn't finish ›Hour 23‹ in time for the performance, and that's why you will not find the recording of this one-minute piece on this website.
In March 2010 the nocturnal hours
Day Daily – The Hours 1-5 were completed and performed.
Currently I am working on the music that deals with the morning twilight, the time between dawn and sunrise. It is entitled ›De Dag Daagt‹ [The Day Dawns] and is a composition for pipe organ commissioned by Johan Luijmes, artistic director of the Orgelpark in Amsterdam.
The afternoon hours 13-17 are scheduled for the autumn, and the morning hours 7-11 for the spring 2011. Both sets, each of them with an unique scoring, will again be performed by f.c. jongbloed & Arnold Marinissen - conductor.

For an overview of the cycle on which I will also be working the coming years, see:
Day Daily (weblog category: work in progress)

Recently the book entitled ›Sluiproutes en dwaalwegen‹ [Shortcuts and false scents] (1991) by Anthony Mertens impressed me very much. It deals with liminal poetics and it gives an excellent overview and definitions of liminality, a concept that perhaps best characterizes my music. The adjective ›liminal‹ derives from the Latin name for threshold, ›limen‹. Twilight is a typical example of a liminal stage of the day. I will write more about this issue in this weblog.