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Day Daily |Dag Dagelijks

a cycle of compositions for the day | een compositie-cyclus voor de dag
for seven ensembles, organ and electronic pulse (2009-2014)

Day Daily is a cycle of compositions that represent the four transitional moments of the day: midnight (Nous le chant I & II for voices and instruments,) the break of day (De dag daagt for organ,) midday (One Noon for six percussionists) and nightfall (»wonen is het Westen« for small ensemble.) These four compositions are bound together by twenty-four one-minute pieces for four differently scored quartets of the sub-cycle called Day Daily - The Hours. Together these pieces represent the twenty-four hours of the day.
All the sections may be performed separately.


0.0 Dag Dagelijks – Uur 24 / Day Daily – The 24th Hour
midnight pulse (electronic music)

1.0 Nous le chant I & II on poems of Henri Meschonnic
(la voix dans la voix)
transitional music for midnight from the cycle Day Daily
for voices and instruments (2009)
(SSATB solo, clarinet, percussion and piano)

1-1. Day Daily – The Hours 1-6 | Dag Dagelijks – De Uren 1-6
for celesta, piano, vibraphone/Glockenspiel, harpsichord and electronic pulse ad libitum

2.0 De dag daagt
transitional music for daybreak from the cycle Day Daily
for organ (2010/rev. 2014)

2-1. Day Daily – The Hours 7-12 | Dag Dagelijks – De Uren 7-12
for trumpet, violoncello, electric guitar, accordion and electronic pulse ad libitum

3.0 One Noon
transitional music for midday from the cycle Day Daily
for six percussionists (2011)

3-1. Day Daily – The Hours 13-18 | Dag Dagelijks – De Uren 13-18
for clarinet in E-flat, alto saxophone, violin, violoncello and electronic pulse ad libitum

4.0 »wonen is het Westen«
transitional music for nightfall from the cycle Day Daily
for small ensemble (2014)
(alt sax, bar sax, trombone, electric bass, percussion and piano)

4.1 Day Daily – The Hours 19-24 | Dag Dagelijks – De Uren 19-24
for flute, baritone saxophone, violin, harpsichord and electronic pulse ad libitum


see the pages of the different works


1. five voices and three instruments
2. percussion ensemble (six musicians)
3. small ensemble (six musicians)
4. four ensembles of four musicians each, scored for the following instruments:

clarinet in E-flat
alto saxophone in E-flat / baritone saxophone in E-flat (one player)
trumpet in C
electric guitar
percussion (vibraphone/Glockenspiel)

electronic pulse ad libitum

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